Yes Mom

WAM YesMom

Many years ago, before I had babies, I read something about being a “Yes Mom.”  I don’t remember where I even read it, but it has stuck with me all these years.

The author said that she found herself saying no to her children just because that was the usual response that had become habit. When she stopped and thought about it, she realized most of the time there was no reason she couldn’t say yes. Being a yes mom means that you let go a little bit. You push aside the feelings of being in complete control of everything and you just say yes.

“Can we have lunch in the living room like a picnic?”    Yes!

“Can I pick out a shirt to wear today?”    Yes!

“Can we ride the elevator again?”    Yes!

“Can we bring this {sandy} shovel in the house?”    Yes!

“Can I bring my {not super tiny} tool bench in the car with me?”   Umm, ok…Yes!

You get the idea. Our children are so used to hearing us tell them no, but why?  Is it something that is going to hurt them or someone else? Are they making a mess that would ruin something like the carpet, walls, etc.? Is there somewhere else you are expected to be right now like an appointment?  If the answer to all of these questions is no, then why not say yes?

The first time your child asks to ride the elevator again after you just got off, and you say yes, they will be ecstatic! And why not?  Are those two minutes going to cause a problem? If so, then don’t do it, but most of the time we can afford to make their day by doing something so small.

Without fail, every single time I get excited about an outfit that I really want Mason to wear, that’s the day he wants to choose for himself. Now, if we’re heading to family pictures or somewhere fancy, of course I don’t let him wear whatever he wants! Most days, however, we’re just playing with friends or running errands and there’s no reason he can’t wear the shirt that makes him happy, even if he looks a little mismatched.

Sometimes I don’t want to clean up the mess that I know painting will make, but I also know that it’s awesome that he wants to be creative.

Does a little bit of sand on the floor drive me nuts? Of course, but it’ll get vacuumed up. Why not let him use that simple plastic shovel and his imagination to keep him entertained for the next hour?

Please be aware that this is in a whole different boat than spoiling your child.  When Mason asks for a new toy at the store, the answer is not automatically yes. When he asks to have chocolate for breakfast, yes is not the first thing that comes out of my mouth. (There’s a time and place to have candy for breakfast!)  He doesn’t get whatever he wants whenever he wants it. It’s about the harmless things that have you saying, “Why not?” It’s about giving him new and fun experiences and making memories.

It makes my day to be able to say, “Yes!”  because the smile I get in return is SO worth it!

Are you a Yes Mom? What’s the most fun thing you’ve let your kids do, even if it drove you crazy!?

Tips for the Perfect Swaddle


You know how burritos are wonderful? Just ask my two year old what he wants for dinner any day of the week. Well, swaddling is like making a terrific little baby burrito!

We swaddled Mason for way longer than most babies allow.  He just loved it. It definitely helped him sleep longer at night, which allows you to get more sleep, which is so important for feeling normal.

When you first start out swaddling a newborn it’s easy to use a blanket. I love using the old school pink and blue striped ones that you get from the hospital. They’re durable and really allow you to get those tiny little legs pulled up. Also, when most people do a traditional swaddle, they put the baby on a corner of the blanket.  If you put the baby on one of the straight sides you are left with more fabric on the sides to wrap around and behind, and your swaddle becomes tighter and less likely to come apart as your baby moves during sleep.

WAM swaddle


You can probably use this up until your baby is about one month old, depending on how big they are getting.  As your baby gets a little bigger, you will probably need to get a little bit larger of a blanket such as one of the Aden + Anais kinds. They are light weight, durable, and they are the perfect size for growing babies who kick out of other swaddles. I also use them to cover Hudson in his carseat while we’re out and about, and I often use them as a nursing cover because they are just so lightweight in this hot Arizona weather. If you don’t have any of these blankets, you should think about looking into them. They have ridiculously cute patterns and usually come in a pack of four, which is perfect because you’ll need two of them to do the Cadillac of all swaddles…THE DOUBLE SWADDLE!

I don’t even remember how I found out about this but I am so glad I did! It was like I stumbled upon pure gold! Hudson started breaking out of his swaddles early, like by a month old. I wasn’t ready to give up those stretches of sleep time, and then, the double swaddle came into my life!

I’m sure there are plenty of Youtube videos about it, but you can click here to watch the one I did from NoDietsAllowed.

You use one blanket to magically wrap the baby’s arms first, and then you do another swaddle over that for complete swaddle comfort!  It’s life changing. We had been good swaddlers before, but now…nothing can stop us!

The amazing double swaddle lasted us for probably a good month until we switched to the Summer SwaddleMe velcro swaddlers. As good as an old fashioned blanket swaddle is, as babies get older, the blankets just don’t hold a squirming babe as well as the velcro ones. You can find them easily at most baby stores.


As babies get even bigger, they’ll often need their arms to soothe themselves and they’ll need them for motor development even as they sleep. You can still swaddle them,  just leave their arms out. It keeps them covered safely and comforts them with the right amount of pressure. The next time you have a baby or need a baby shower gift, consider a velcro swaddler. I love them!

There you have it.  You can wow your friends and family with the amazing double swaddle!

Do you have any swaddle tips and tricks? Let’s hear them!

*The opinions and products promoted in this post are entirely my own and were not sponsored in any way.