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Do you leave your honey love notes? You should!

I love leaving little notes for my husband to find when he’s not expecting them. When we were first married I would leave them on the seat of his car or on the garage door so he would see them as he was leaving. Now, after 11 years of marriage, I tape them to the bathroom mirror and hide them in his lunch box he takes to work. Usually it just says something simple like, “Have a great day!” or if he’s been sick, “I hope you feel better! I’ll be thinking of you all day!” Those 11 years haven’t really helped with the creativity, apparently, but it’s the thought that counts, right? My hubs even keeps a little folded love note in his wallet that I gave him years and years ago.

The key to a successful love note is to make it easy and unexpected! I only leave my hubby a sweet little note every few months, if that. Sometimes it’s longer, but I’m sure he smiles every time he finds one. When he smiles, I smile, so it’s really a win-win in my book.

Go and leave someone a love note today!

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