Favorite Things: Summer Edition

Summer is here! The weather is hot and the pools are warm! Even though I’m originally from New York, I’m a west coast girl down to my bones now and I really don’t loathe the heat as do so many other Arizonans. Summer means tank tops, flip flops, the beach, and fun!

Here’s some of my favorite things for summer!

WAM Favthings 3

1. China Mist Passion Fruit Iced Tea- Today just happened to be National Iced Tea Day so it seemed fitting for it to show up on my favorite things for summer. Although, I love it all year, not just during the hot months. This is the same tropical tea you can get at AJ’s and at Pita Jungle. Just hook me right up to an IV of it, because it’s that good. When you buy it to make at home you can save so much money. Plus, you get to drink it whenever you want. Win, win. You can pick it up at Walmart and other grocery stores in the coffee/tea section.

2. Merona A-Line/Easy Waist Dresses from Target- These dresses…I can’t even describe how amazing they are. Comfortable, cute, inexpensive, PERFECT for summer! I {may} have it in 5 different patterns. I just couldn’t help myself! Find it at Target for $19.99.

3. ChapStick Watermelon Splash- This chapstick smells so good and who doesn’t need a good chapstick for summer? I found mine at Walmart in a 3 pack along with coconut and mango too. They’re all perfect for the beach!

4. Amir Argan Oil Touch of Tan Moisturizer- I got this lotion on Amazon because I wanted a moisturizer that would gradually darken to give me a natural, sun kissed glow. I love it. It leaves my skin so hydrated and gives me a great little bit of color. Plus, it goes on like regular lotion so theres nothing to worry about when applying it like there is with actual sunless tanners. It smells good too!

5. James Michelle Necklaces- These necklaces are gorgeous and perfect for the beachy summer look. I have quite a few of her pieces and I love them all. My favorite is the engraved bar which I had made with our anniversary in Roman numerals. My second favorite is the Karma boomerang necklace. They’re simple, sweet, and chic. Check out her website here: http://www.jamesmichelle.com.

As always, tell me some of your favorite things! I love hearing about new products, shows, places, anything!