KonMari Cleaning Method for People with Children

I’ve heard a lot about the KonMari method for cleaning your house. It pretty much talks about how to purge and live more simply. How we don’t need to have so much stuff.

I completely agree and I always try to purge when I can. When I think about the amount of crap that comes in our house, it truly makes me cringe. It’s no wonder it’s so hard to keep things neat and tidy. With toys, mail, clothes, groceries, fast food/coffee/soda shop drinks, and everything a toddler brings home such as rocks, sticks, and pinecones, it’s really a wonder that our house isn’t worse!

I’m always going through toys and throwing away bits and pieces that don’t work, aren’t played with, or came in any sort of “happy meal.”

Why keep things around that we don’t love or need!? I am someone who is in love with bins and baskets and I’m on a never ending search for new ones. I guess I wouldn’t need so many if I didn’t have so many things to organize!

You can read more about doing the KonMari method in a household with children here in a great article I found!

It’s time to get your sanity back! Happy Cleaning!

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  1. Lela

    I need to do this. I think I would be a harder if Brian didn’t live here.

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