Pay It Forward


The ideas of random acts of kindness and paying it forward are so special. A grand cycle of people doing nice things for each other? How beautiful and amazing is that?

A few months ago, Josh and I went out for a date night dinner while Mason had a sleepover with his grandparents. We had brought Hudson with us and at the time he was only 3 months old. We went to Postino (read more about how much we love Postino here) and we had an hour wait. By the time we got to our table, Hudson was getting fussy. I was trying to feed and rock him at the table to not only make our date night more enjoyable, but for the other people out enjoying their meals as well.

Now, a sweet 3 month old baby being fussy isn’t really enough to ruin a date night and fussiness is nothing that the boob can’t magically fix. But, trying to eat a meal while you’re nursing a baby in a restaurant is not very comfortable or relaxing. It’s a good thing their food is amazing because that helped.

Anyway, we enjoyed our meal and just as we were finishing up, the waiter said to us, “Whenever you’re done you’re all set. Your check has been paid for by another diner.”

With a shocked smile we both replied with, “What?”

“Someone else took care of your check and they wanted to be anonymous and they’ve already left.”

It was such an amazing feeling to be the recipient of such kindness. For me, it was one of those things that I had heard stories about, but never thought would happen to us. I’ve had my Starbucks bought for me by the car in front of me, and I’ve done the same on different occasions for the car behind me. But our whole meal in a restaurant? There is so much good in the world that gets overshadowed by the not-so-good. Let’s focus on the good more.

And when someone buys your coffee, meal, ice cream, whatever, enjoy it. That person didn’t do it to have you turn around and do it for the next person right then and there. They did it to make your day. Enjoy that moment and pay it forward the next time.

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