How Do You KEEP Your House Clean?

Cleaning the house is fine. I mean it can be a little bit difficult when you have children, or a dog, or a husband. But still, it’s fine. It’s the KEEPING it clean that really gets you. If you missed my post about cleaning routines you can read it here. You can also get a copy of the cleaning routine I created and {try to} use each day.


Then I found this post from and it made perfect sense. The 12 Habits of People with Homes That Are Always Clean. Twelve…I guess I can try to make at least half of those work for me! Seriously, shooting for all twelve seems like I’d just be setting myself up for failure. I get it though. There are just some things that IF you can do them every day, your house stays so much neater.  I always tell my husband that cleaning and straightening are two different things. If the house is straightened up, meaning toys and clothes are put away, the sink is empty, counters are clear, etc., then it just looks and feels so much better. It’s ok if there’s some dust bunnies, but just having the “stuff” cleaned up makes a huge impact. How many of these twelve do you do?

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