It’ll be easy right?

WAM toptenSAHM

Here you’ll find my top ten reasons for becoming a stay at home mom!

1. The only boss I have to report to is me! Wait,…and Josh…wait, and two little boys…OK, maybe this is going to be more demanding than I thought!?

2. Household chores become my primary task during the day…the only real things I have to accomplish. Until just as soon as I start washing dishes and then someone needs a diaper changed, or wants to eat. Chances are, it’s going to be at least another hour before I’m back to those dishes.

3. I’ll have time to grocery shop during the day while everyone else is at work! Um, grocery shopping with two small children…no thanks! I think I’ll just wait and go after the kids are in bed. Walmart at 10pm can be relaxing, right?

4. Think about how much time I’ll have to keep up on laundry and actually get it folded and put away! Have you ever had a toddler around PILES of newly folded clothes? If not, let me describe to you what happens. At the exact moment you feel yourself approaching the end of the pile to be folded, this silent alarm goes off inside the head of your two year old and their body seems to lose all control as they grab or push every pile over. These involuntary movements are often accompanied by giggles. It’s fantastic, let me tell you.

5. We’re going to have playdates AT LEAST three times a week. Ok, so I know I’m still new at this having two kids thing, but getting out of the house can seriously take hours. Doctor appointment at 11am? Better start getting everyone ready to go at 8:30 because just getting into the car can consume the greater part of your morning.

6. The time I have to meal plan will allow me to save money and provide healthy meals for my family. After feeding a baby on demand all day and running around tickling a toddler, mixed with cleaning up spills and toys, Taco Bell and frozen pizzas can be good enough! What? They’re tasty. And babies have sensors in them that tell them when you’re going to eat and then they get fussy, so you won’t sit down and enjoy your meal anyway. *The silver lining: The standing and rocking a baby while you shovel in your food burns more calories, right!?

7. I’ll be able to spend time getting myself ready for the day. Uh-huh. Hello, messy top knot, jean shorts and tank top. Thank goodness for yesterday’s eye liner to really pull the look together.

8. I can’t wait to get together with my girlfriends on a weekly basis for girl time. Oh ya, remember those three other bosses I have? Well, Josh gives me the time off with no problem, but the little guy is crying because I won’t be home to put him to bed and the little little guy is connected to my boob. So…family dinner at the pizza place it is!

9. I won’t have to deal with the stress of working outside the home. Nope, just the stress of working inside your home, which means so much more to you than any job could. And no paycheck. Unless you count hugs and kisses, and how could you not?

10. I’ll be able to spend more time with my boys. *Insert deep breath of pure contentment.  This is the one thing that you think you’re going to get when you decide to be a stay at home mom, that you actually get.  The snuggles and giggles I get to experience during the day are worth all of the craziness. The laundry can wait. Because really, that pair of pants your wore again yesterday aren’t THAT dirty anyway. The dishes aren’t going anywhere. The toys piled in the corner that never made it back to the closet are just going to be played with tomorrow, right?

Enjoy your littles who grow so quickly and won’t be the same tomorrow. Suck up every single moment, from the quiet snuggles while they sleep on your shoulder or lap, to the times when those crazy screaming children team up on you to be as loud as possible at the exact same time.

Oh, and in-between enjoying all those little memories, try to take a nap. You’ll need it.

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